maintaining food safety

Food Safety

True World Foods has developed food safety plans at each of our facilities, designed to surpass federal, state, provincial, and municipal standards. The safety and quality of the product we sell is critically important to True World Foods through all stages of the supply chain.

We source, handle, cut, and deliver fish from all over the world on a daily basis. Thus, we understand the many intricacies of food safety compliance in the US, Canada, Spain, the UK and Japan, as well as how to best manage every step before our products arrive at your door. We are among the most knowledgeable in our industry, and the guidelines we have established reflect decades of success.

In fact, we are a leader in the industry with respect to the speed with which we ship product from overseas, to our facilities, and finally to our customers. As a major supplier of fresh sushi and sashimi grade seafood we have to be great at maintaining our seafood with well documented cold chain custody along with a speedy process from our suppliers to our customers. Food safety and quality control are at the core of our business. Most times, we can move seafood from international sources to our customers in less than a week!

On top of this, True World Foods continues to be a family-style company that is completely open with our customers. We are proud of our continuous improvement to deliver you the safest, freshest, and highest quality seafood possible! No matter what questions you may have, big or small, please never hesitate to contact us at the facility closest to you. With over 30 facilities located in the US, Canada, Spain, the UK and Japan, there is a True World Foods facility close by!