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Fresh Seafood

Fresh seafood is our passion, and we set out to prove this every single day. We assemble the freshest and finest products to meet our customers’ exact needs. We deliver hundreds of live, fresh, frozen, dry or non-food items daily without wavering in quality.

True World Foods sources products from around the world from the most reputable providers. With connections to fisheries at every ocean, we are able to provide only the best for your establishment.

Along with our global reach, our direct supply line to the world-renowned the market in Japan is one of the leading reasons why our sushi/sashimi grade products are the most sought after.

Hard work is part of our DNA, and over the past few decades we have built an enduring network of seafood providers that is a cut above the rest. We promise this same level of dedication to all our customers and their businesses.

True World Foods has unparalleled access to the exclusive auctions and incredible vendors of Japan. If you are looking to impress your customers with something rare and exciting, we encourage you to consider trying out our JapanFish Express service.