Frequently Asked Questions

While many of our customers are sushi restaurants — customers who demand high-quality products, especially sushi-quality seafood — our reputation for providing consistently superior products and service has attracted a wide range of customers. We regularly deliver to over 12,000 restaurants across North America. Our customers vary — from small neighborhood restaurants to large corporate restaurant chains, from hotels to large casino resort restaurants, from country clubs to cruise ships, and from local Asian-themed food markets to large retail grocery chains.

Sourcing and delivering fish and shellfish of the highest quality has always been our mainstay, and we do it better than anyone else! However, we also offer a wide variety of non-seafood items with an Asian focus — frozen products, premium wagyu beef, dry grocery items, fresh produce, and a full line of restaurant tools, supplies, service items and tableware.

We constantly work with our suppliers to monitor and maintain the quality standards demanded by our customers, and to ensure vendors meet the quality standards required by regulatory agencies such as CFIA, AAFC. There are various regulatory controls in place for all products imported into Canada, as well as those products originating in Canada.

All True World Foods facilities in Canada are proud HACCP participants. HACCP combines internationally recognized quality standards with a program designed to control safety issues. Under HACCP, we fully integrate safety and quality controls for the products we offer to our customers.

Sashimi and some sushi contain raw ingredients — and as with all raw ingredients, there are certain steps in the production process that are associated with increased risk of microbiological hazards. To address these concerns, proper sanitation and food handling techniques when preparing fish intended for raw consumption are the most crucial tasks at the sushi restaurant and for the suppliers of the sushi restaurant.

People with generally good health who wish to consume sashimi or sushi should remain alert when identifying reliable or reputable restaurants and retailers, and choose products that are fresh and in good condition.

We are a wholesale distributor, providing fresh and frozen seafood and specialty grocery items to numerous types of foodservice and retail establishments.

Our buyers are highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable in buying fish and other seafood products from all over the world — from the U.S., Asia, Europe, Central and South America — to name but a few.

The name depicts our ideal and commitment to operating a “truly good company”, a company that is trustworthy and has set for itself a high standard of providing quality products with unparalleled personalized customer service.