What is Fukumaru Rice?

Fukumaru rice is grown in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan where are made many famous rice brands such as Koshihikari or Akitakomachi. Fukumaru Rice is not significantly affected by climate and are consistently harvested every year. Therefore, you can enjoy tasty Fukumaru rice all season. Fukumaru rice that large and round grains makes the innovation of Ibaraki rice.

Why is Fukumaru Rice so tasty?

One of the largest grains in Japanese Rice

What is the different between Fukumaru rice and others? The most unique aspect of Fukumaru rice is the size of each grain. That makes nice texture, the release of abundant Umami flavor with each bite.

Rice still tastes good or even better when the rice is cold

Fukumaru rice does not dry-out easily, remaining soft and fluffy. Moisture is retained in the rice when it gets cold due to the large grain size of Fukumaru rice. It is great for a lunch box or sushi.

Fukumaru Rice goes well with anything

When Fukumaru rice is analyzed, results show that Fukumaru rice is perfect match with any kinds of dishes, but it is especially great when eaten with eggs, pickled plums, and grilled salmon. Fukumaru rice brings out more flavour in your dishes and makes them more enjoyable.